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Ex-King Gyanendra leaves Narayanhiti

Wednesday, 06.11.2008, 11:37pm (GMT+6.5)    | Comment | Print | Tell friend

Ex-King Gyanendra has left Narayanhiti palace at around 8:30 pm, Wednesday evening.

He was accompanied by ex-Queen Komal as his motor escorted by security personnel left for Nagarjuna palace located in the northwestern part of the capital valley.

A huge crowd of journalists as well as general public had gathered in front of western gate of the Narayanhiti palace when the ex-King left for Nagarjuna.

A group of people had also chanted slogans against monarchy as he left the place.

He had earlier addressed a press meet asserting that he has accepted the political course the nation has chosen.

The May 28 meeting of the Constituent Assembly had implemented republic and asked the ex-King to leave the palace within fifteen days.

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