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Ex-King holds press meet before leaving Narayanhiti

Wednesday, 06.11.2008, 11:28pm (GMT+6.5)    | Comment | Print | Tell friend

Ex-King holds press meet before leaving Narayanhiti; refutes allegations labeled against him; says he won't go into exile

Ousted King Gyanendra held a rare press conference in Narayanhiti palace Wednesday evening, asserting that he has accepted the political course the nation has chosen.

Ex-king Gynendra at his press conference organised at Narayanhiti Palace...
At the 13-minute long press conference held at Kaski Baithak, the main chamber of the palace, the ex-King said he had accepted the May 28 declaration (of republic) and pledged to cooperate for "peace, progress and independence" of the country.

He claimed that as a ruler he had no other motive than to establish peace, strengthen democracy and work for the betterment of the citizens, but conceded his failure. "I admitted that those efforts for peace could not be successful. What happened thereafter is all too known."

Reading out an emotionally-charged statement, Shah said he didn't have a proper channel to express his grievances and that he had to remain silent even as his family was being 'insulted'.

He also expressed worry that his family had been hauled over the coal in the 2001 palace massacre case and refuted allegations about acquiring disproportionate amount of property after becoming the king.

He made it clear that he had no intention to leave the country, and refuted rumours of siphoning off his property to foreign countries. "Whatever property I own is in Nepal. I hope my right to keep property will be protected," he said, informing that he had handed over the crown and scepter to the government.

Shah mentioned that he had to take over the kingship in a very difficult situation when most of the royal members had lost their lives (in palace massacre).

At the end, he thanked Nepal government for the help it has extended to him and hoped for continuation of the 'help'.

The former King entered the packed conference hall with a smiling face and delivered the written message in an emphatic tone.

He refused to answer the questions asked by the media persons after the press conference.

He is shifting to Najarguna palace, his new residence, from Narayanhiti this evening.

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