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Home Minister meets former King

Wednesday, 06.11.2008, 11:10pm (GMT+6.5)    | Comment | Print | Tell friend

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Situala met ousted King Gyanendra at the Narayanhiti palace Monday and discussed the latter's preparations for vacating the Narayanhiti palace.

Talking to reporters after the palace visit, Sitaula said the former King had accepted the decision taken by the constituent assembly on May 28 to turn Nepal a republic nation.

According to him, the ousted monarch would leave the Narayanhiti palace as soon as he managed a second residence.

Sitaula also said Shah expressed regret towards the news reports saying most artifacts inside the Narayanhiti palace had been removed and important documents were burnt. Quoting the former King, he said that important documents and properties had not been destroyed or taken away.

"He talked in very simple manner, like a citizen talks to a government minister. I found a great change in him after the decision," Sitaula said.

On a question whether the government would make arrangement for Shah's temporary residence until he found a new residence, Situala said it would be decided by the cabinet.

Along with the Home Minister, a team of senior government officials including chief secretary Bhoj Raj Ghimire, home secretary Umesh Mainali, defense secretary Baman Prasad Neupane and coordinators of two government committees formed to take stock of properties and security measures of the palace while it is being vacated, visited the palace.

Shah is said to have expressed unwillingness to stay at his personal residence Nirmal Niwas where his son Paras stays.

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